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Purpose of The Lions

Lions are an international group of service minded people with a long and honorable history.

We are joined with a spirit of understanding to promote good government and good citizenship, and friendship and fellowship prevail. Lions take an active interest in civic, cultural, social, and moral welfare of the community and provide a forum for open discussion of all matters of public interest.

The Chicago Rogers Park Club was chartered in the Summer of 2002, at a meeting on June 22, at the Devon Bank in northeast Chicago, Illinois. We are within District 1-A, the very first of all the Lions districts.

We are a diverse and comparatively young group in a vital area of the dominant city of America's Midwest region. A truly international group, our Founder and first President Syed Wahajuddin Ahmed was a Charter Member and President of two Lions Clubs in Bahrain, Arabian Gulf, before coming to Rogers Park. We had a total of 48 members at the beginning of this year. (Go to Members/Board of Directors.)

Our primary mission is to help our fellow citizens in Rogers Park/West Ridge to learn about and combat vision problems. We also hope to help those with hearing loss in our area. Besides our local efforts, at present our major international service commitment is SightFirst: Lions Conquering Blindness, which has an aim to eliminate preventable and reversible blindness around the world. This work is done through our mother organization, the International Association of Lions Clubs.

The international Lions have a series of Objects, objectives of the Lions that address personal, business, and organizational goals, in hope of maintaining excellence in all endeavors and behaviors. (Go to Objects.) These are called the Purposes in our Constitution.

We also have an established Code of Ethics that aims at similar goals in another format. (Go to Ethics.)

When: 1st - 3rd Wednesday - 7:00 PM
Where: Devon Bank Auditorium - Downstairs
6445 N. Western Ave. Chicago, IL 60645
Western Ave. 1/2 block N. of Devon Ave.
Phone: (773) 465-2500

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