Alexander Arrangement of Elements ElementBook,
A Periodic Table for Blind Chemistry Students and Chemists

Graphics for our BetaTest model is shown below.
The actual test model has element box border lines and
Braille dots raised by the Swell Touch method, and folds for
convenient use to fit into a lab coat pocket or schoolbook.
(See at how to become a BetaTester,
and look below the images to build the shape it takes.) ElementBook
For your own mini-model, print, cut between each part and at the outside blue lines.
Tape them into a ring; Main Group to f-block to d-block to Main Group, bottoms aligned.
Fold back where joined inside, match and tape each to the next - for inner hinges.
Fold back d- & f-blocks and Main Group in half at the outside double lines - for pages.
Fold and swing back the wide H, tape loose end behind & flush with right edge of H over Li.


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